Waves Crashing is set to release their fourth EP titled “Ancora”this winter


 Seattle area, Waves Crashing revitalizes classic hits from the ’80s and ’90s. Using opulent soundscapes and catchy melodies to give a new spin on classic sounds while maintaining a modern edge.

Seattle band, Waves Crashing has released a number of singles and EPs, including the 2021 Sea of Wires EP (which made its worldwide debut on the shoegaze radio station DKFM), the High/Low EP (which features mixing by engineer James Aparicio), and the most recent release, The Viewing EP, which features the catchy single “Life on Display” and the tracks “Automatic” and “Voices.”
They have played alongside bands like Bully, Ringo Deathstarr, Wavves, Acid Tongue, New Age Healers, Medejin, Polyrhythmics, Fotoform, Jupe Jupe, and Dead Leaf Echo at events like LoveOly Summer Fest, South Sound Block Party, and West Seattle Summer Fest.

their latest release in 2023, The Viewing EP, we hear the band pushing sonically deeper than ever before to bring some of their most well-crafted and beautiful songs to the surface.
Radio stations all around the United States, including KEXP in Seattle, DKFM in Los Angeles, WXNA in Nashville, and others, have been playing the featured single “Life on Display” with great success. The band’s fourth extended play, titled Ancora, will be released this winter. There have been a number of songs released in anticipation of the album’s release, and the newest one, “Rose Hue,” is particularly compelling.

aves Crashing played on air
Top 30 Support from KRUA [Anchorage, AK], WRSU [New Brunswick, NJ], WUOG [Athens, GA], KRTU [San Antonio, TX], WBJB [Adelphia, NJ], KTCU [Fort Worth, TX], VIC Radio [Ithaca, NY], WUVT [Blacksburg, VA], WIIT [Chicago, IL], Radio Nope [Chicago, IL], KVCU [Boulder, CO], KFFP [Portland, OR], KEXP [Seattle, WA] & 3HIVE [Provo, UT]. Wavves (San Diego), Ringo Deathstarr (Austin), Pleasure Venom (Austin), Darks0ft (Maine), Ten Million Lights (Portland), The Purrs (Seattle), and Less (Seattle) are just some of the bands that we’ve been on the road with as local support.

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