Hearts Band is Gaining Popularity!


The music band Hearts is gaining popularity all over the world and making name, mounting stages,

going all places and among the most recent arrivalson Swedish music industry. The band includes individuals from Catfish and The Bottlemen(UK), Bottlecap(SE), and The Bongo Club(SE).

Making impressive journeys with such experience and a great zeal of playing music in the industry. Hearts band has been in the field over the last ten years and has been encouraging the development of guitar music, effectively being on the ground while using a lot of current rock music.

The band has carry much musical inspiration from the 2000s indie rock kings and provides it a new spin for 2023,

Hearts create a festival-ready current rock sound and prepared to deliver.

Creating on an amazing outcome starting with the first single “Slide“, of which it received great feedbacks. The Hearts band is anticipating amazingly to interact with the crowd to create a mark on the music world. 

As the band makes waves on the Swedish music industry, there is an impending first album, is scheduled for release

on October 20th and contains four songs. These excellent tracks were created during rehearsals  and then recorded live.

The band is in to create a  reality atmosphere with music and not a sicken one and certain not to overlook that is a genuine band carried out by genuine people.

The recording and production of ‘EP1’ by Fredrik Serholt in Audiofabriken in Gothenburg and the mixing and

mastering was also by Pieter Rietkert in Chapel Recording studios, Lincolnsheire, UK.

Hearts is all about delivering feelings that have been captured and deliver through music.

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