Get Familiar with Saif, Sydney Based Versatile Artist


Hip-hop musician SAIF, who is based in Sydney, finds inspiration in his life as a first-generation Kiwi/Australian. The foundation of his music comes from the fusion of his South Asian ancestry, Islamic beliefs, and Australian culture.

Saif has a broad range of expertise and has spent the last ten years developing his distinctive sound. He uses this to present songs that draw on his travels and grounded perspective to create thought-provoking moments in time.

Saif vocally glides with irresistible swagger as he blends conscious hip-hop with jazz and drill components, producing an amazing portfolio of unique releases that includes three totally autonomous bodies of work with the titles Blue City (2016), Acclaim (2018), and Sojourn (2020).

Saif has consistently received support from organizations including ABC News, Diversity Australia Magazine, CADA (K-Serra & The Dirty Dozen), and Spotify’s editorial playlist Beats n’ Bars, among many others.

He has also received support from audiences and the entertainment business. He has enthralled audiences all throughout Australia with his performances, which include standout appearances at the Think+Do Tank at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, Fishers Ghost Festival in Campbelltown, and Qudos Bank Arena for the FIBA Women’s World Cup.


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