SAER: Crafting Sonic Journeys Through Haunting Beauty


SAER is more than just a musical project; it’s a testament to the boundless creativity of Birmingham-based artist Simon Davies. A vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, and producer, SAER has etched his mark on the music scene with a blend of haunting beauty that leaves audiences spellbound.

Praised as “hauntingly beautiful” by BBC Music Introducing, SAER’s captivating vocal performances have earned him a dedicated following.

With a soaring falsetto and intricate melodies, SAER’s music becomes a canvas for poetic lyrics, infused with both zeal and sensitivity.

His emotive delivery and distinctive voice allow his songwriting to explore the depths of human nature, embracing curiosity and vulnerability.

Intriguingly situated within the realm of experimental electronic pop and folk, SAER’s sound bears cinematic sensibilities that transport listeners to otherworldly dimensions.

A master of multiple instruments, his compositions fluidly shift between stormy electronic soundscapes and minimalist, heartfelt laments.

Drawing inspiration from luminaries like Jeff Buckley, Nick Drake, and Imogen Heap, SAER crafts a contemporary sonic landscape that is both captivatingly unique and endlessly intriguing.

Since his debut single “Shadows” in 2018, SAER has independently released a series of EPs and singles, each a testament to his evolving artistry. His rendition of The Police’s “Walking On The Moon” was aptly described by ‘York Calling Magazine’ as “wonderfully intimate yet cinematic.”

SAER’s creative haven is his home studio—a place where ideas meld with soundscapes and poetry, resulting in masterful productions.

His original compositions have earned national radio play and garnered praise from fellow artists for his covers, which range from a dark and cinematic take on “Walking On The Moon” to an ambient folk interpretation of The Weeknd’s “Blinding Lights.”

SAER’s emotive dedication to his late father in the song “Start A Fire” resonated deeply, receiving acclaim from BBC 6 Radio. Additionally, his release “Call Me Out,” penned for his daughter, gained international recognition under Baby Woman Records.

SAER’s recent track “Whistle Your Part” even found its place in a Bentley visual project celebrating Earth Day.

With a notable appearance on The Voice UK in 2018, SAER’s electrifying rendition of Harry Styles’ “Sign of the Times” garnered significant social media and press attention.

All four judges were captivated, igniting the spark that would fuel his musical journey.

As SAER graces stages at festivals and venues across the UK, he stands as a distinguished artist within London’s Talentbanq Roster.

His sonic explorations continue to captivate, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in the enigmatic beauty he masterfully crafts.


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