Hillary Capps has released a new single, “Smokescreen”


 New York City-based alt-pop singer/songwriter Hillary Capps has released the second track “Smokescreen” from her upcoming EP. The bittersweet art of hiding one’s genuine feelings, or even one’s tragic life circumstances, behind a front of strength and brightness is the subject of Smokescreen, a melancholy indie song. Listeners will be taken on a personal voyage of reflection as they think back on simpler times and want for those carefree days to come again as they listen to this song.

of “Smokescreen” wrote it with the intention that its soothing melody would comfort listeners struggling to keep their heads above water.
With the help of Tiger Darrow’s ethereal production, Capps’s voice is able to express a sense of raw vulnerability and emotional depth in “Smokescreen.” The words to “Smokescreen” provide the inspiration for the EP’s name, which alludes to the peacefulness of the underworld. As Capps croons, But from the peace of the abyss I can see where the light is.

a culture where superficiality reigns supreme, “Smokescreen” serves as a moving reminder of the value of genuine connection and the glory of welcoming the full range of human emotion.
Artist’s Statement: At some point in your life, you’ll need to put on a show. When you’re at a party with people you haven’t seen in a while and one of them inevitably asks, “how are you?” It’s tempting to respond with something like, “Well, I have a health scare going on” or “My grandma just died” or “I’m filled with grief witnessing the world’s violence,” but saying, “I’m good how are you?!” is easier.

is the point?
Is it for one’s own safety? Is it for the benefit of the other person? We do the same thing continuously on social media, posting only the finest and brightest moments when, behind the scenes, things may be chaotic or you may feel more depressed and uncertain than ever before. In this more filtered and divided society, I think we can all try to be a little more real and vulnerable in our day-to-day encounters, even if we aren’t able to or don’t want to expose our inner selves with complete strangers.

Tiger Darrow produced and mixed the track. Tess Greenham did the mastering at Clearlight Mastering.Hillary Capps, has been praised for her “delicate enough to calm a hurricane” vocals and “hauntingly melodic” tunes. Capps fuses private, emotional, and poetic lyrics with heartfelt vocal melodies and opulent production. She is influenced by singer-songwriters like Sara Bareilles, Laura Marling, Lennon Stella, and Mitski.

addition to receiving airplay on college radio stations around the United States, the singer/songwriter has been featured in publications like Impose Magazine, M Music & Musicians, The Deli, Baeble Music, and American Songwriter.
The Knitting Factory, Webster Hall, Rough Trade, Rockwood Music Hall, Mercury Lounge, National Sawdust, The Hotel Cafe, and the Manderley Bar (Sleep No More) are just a few of the places Hillary Capps has performed in New York and beyond.

Several festivals have included her performances. To name a few, has performed at festivals like SXSW and supported globally touring artists like Lola Marsh, Judith Hill, and The Coronas. In 2020, via Villainy Records, Hillary Capps dropped her LP The Way Back Home. The album features tracks that explore themes of equilibrium and the longing for a safe haven. The artist has introduced a novel concept by gradually unveiling the album’s tracks in tandem with the lunar cycles of 2020. She then released a song called “Nobody Told Me” that addressed the problems and stereotypes associated with women’s health. Promotional materials for the critically acclaimed film The Business of Birth Control used the song.

Listen to Smokescreen on Spotify:

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