Zanne Hanna and Austin Atlas make their first official collaboration in a song titled “In My Dreams”


Zanne  Hanna is an independent musician, songwriter, and producer. Sylvan Esso, Maggie Rogers, CHVRCHES, The Japanese House, Maude Latour, Radiohead, and Phoebe Bridgers are just a few of the musicians who have had an impact on her distinctive electronic-inspired approach.

After Zanne graduated from Berklee College of Music in 2020, she spent two years working in the audio industry in Los Angeles. She went to school in Boston and majored in both music engineering and electronic production and design.

Zanne, a native of south Florida, has been singing professionally since she was 13 years old, when she took up an acoustic guitar. In 2017, she started writing, recording, and producing her own music with the intention of conveying her genuine range of experiences and thoughts to the world.

Producing and playing multiple instruments, Austin Atlas is a local L.A. musician.All of his works feature his signature fusion of acoustic and electronic instruments. Madeon, Virtual Riot, and Flume are just a few of the electronic music icons who have impacted his sound. He started off learning classical piano at a young age and delved headfirst into remixing and music production in high school before enrolling in the USC Thornton School of Music’s Music Industry programme.

According to Zanne It’s a pleasure to collaborate with Austin Atlas because he is so skilled in so many areas as a musician and producer.

To quote Zanne about “In My Dreams (Ft. Austin Atlas): After finally coming to terms with the end of my five-year toxic relationship, I wrote this song this year. I wasn’t sure if I could be true to who I was when the relationship ended. This song is about me dealing with my OCD and the reality I’ve been living in. My good friend Austin Atlas from back home in Texas produced this, our first official collaboration. While we all listen to a lot of the same electronic music, we each brought our own unique flavour to the table when creating this track. Inspiration for this tune came from artists such as Flume, Illenium, Chainsmokers, Maggie Rogers, and Purity Ring, and I think our combined efforts will shine through.”

Listen to “In My Dreams” on Spotify:

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