Kerby Pierre Releases New Single ‘Just So You Know’


Some musicians go beyond simply creating music by fusing their unique experiences and sources of inspiration into their compositions. Kerby Pierre falls firmly into the latter category.

We sat down with the talented musician to dive deep into his music, influences, and the story behind his latest single.

Meet the Band

When it comes to Kerby Pierre’s music, it’s a one-man show.

He writes and produces most of his own music, showcasing his versatility as an artist who wears hats in the creative process.

Influences that Shaped the Music

Kerby’s musical journey has been shaped by powerful influences. “I was born in Haiti, and there, Cher was huge,” he recalls. “So she, along with Kanye West, really carved out how I approach music.” These iconic artists left an indelible mark on Kerby’s music, contributing to the unique blend of styles and emotions present in his work.

Faith and Music of Kerby and his Family

Beyond the music, Kerby and his wife share a strong connection with their faith and Church involvement. Kerby’s deep spiritual connection guides him in his musical journey, infusing his work with a sense of purpose and authenticity that resonates with his audience.

The Recording Process

Kerby’s latest single, released in 2018, was a pivotal moment in his creative journey. He describes the recording process as cathartic, a way to express his emotions and release pent-up feelings. This deeply personal experience allowed him to pour his heart into the music, creating a connection with his listeners.

Embracing Positivity

Interestingly, despite the emotional weight of his music, Kerby was in a genuinely happy place while writing this particular song. He sees it as a creative outlet to digest his life experiences, whether they involve love, heartbreak, or personal growth. This song served as a precursor to a positive change in his life, as it coincided with the arrival of his wife.

The Message of the Music.

Kerby’s single is a testament to resilience and self-assurance.

He describes it as a song about letting go and sending a clear message to those who doubt you: “You’re going to be okay.” It’s an anthem of empowerment and personal strength.

A Personal Quote from Kerby

“I can’t wait till she hears it, I want her to have a front-row seat from the beginning of my success.” – Kerby Pierre.

In this heartfelt quote, Kerby reveals his genuine passion for his craft and his desire to share his journey with those he holds close to his heart.

Kerby Pierre’s music is a reflection of life’s highs and lows,

infused with the power of faith and a resounding message of self-belief. With influences as diverse as Cher and Kanye West,

Kerby has carved a unique path in the music industry, and his journey is far from over. As we listen to his latest single, we can’t help but be inspired by his resilience and positivity.



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