Signe Vange releases a comeback single titled “Skyscraper”


Signe Vange, a songwriter and singer from Denmark, is known for her meditative songs. Propelled by narratives that go to the heart of the human experience and the feelings they evoke. There’s a cosy vibe, delicate singing, and gently floating melodies throughout, isolated from the commotion outside.

Odense, Denmark is where Signe Vange spent her childhood. Her debut EP, When Silence is too Loud, was published in 2011 after she had relocated to Copenhagen. It contained songs that were featured on Danish radio and in a TV show on Danish national television.

The following decade was completely silent. Signe Vange had children and eventually found work outside of music and songwriting. She continued writing songs in the evenings, and in 2021, she released an EP called Human. In terms of visibility, the release was more of a private than a public victory.
As the first taste of her upcoming third EP, Skyscraper will be Signe Vange’s comeback single this coming autumn.

Danish musician Lise Westzynthius, who has received widespread appreciation for her work, is featured on Skyscraper. The song obliquely criticises people for not caring about the effects of global warming and increasing sea levels. The song was produced at Black Tornado, a recording facility in Copenhagen. Signe Vange wrote the song, while Morten Bue, who has worked with Diefenbach, The Rumour Said Fire, and Junior Senior among other Danish acts, produced it.

Besides vocalists Signe Vange and Lise Westzynthius, the track also contains guitarist Jeppe Skovbakke, bassist Anders Filipsen, pianist Jeppe Gramme, and drummer Jeppe Gramme. Friday, October 20th, 2023 was the official release date for Skyscraper.

Listen to Skyscraper on Spotify:

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