Noé Solange releases a new track titled “Wilting”


“The multi-instrumentalist, producer and singer explores journeys of self-discovery, healing and growth on the new cut, painting out an homage to women and their rise.

Drawing inspiration from her heritage and her cross-continent upbringing, alongside inspirations from nature. Delicately, the track treads over notions of optimism whilst swimming in melancholy in equal parts.” – Electronic Groove

Solange returns a year on from the release of her last single ‘Bloom’, and three years on from her first EP ‘Bound’ to finish out her offering with another mesmerizing, introspective electro cut.
Noé is a producer, multi-instrumentalist, and singer living in London who has been lauded for her work by outlets like Mixmag, Ibiza Sonica, Electronic Groove, and Notion. She draws inspiration from her Dutch, Indonesian, and Surinamese roots.

artistic ethos, which she has maintained throughout her career, revolves around the contrast between polished electronic production and a raw, organic quality, and ‘Wilting’ is no exception.
More of the beauty, force, and strength that drove ‘Bloom’ can be found in its sequel, ‘Wilting.’

‘Wilting’s more minimalist instrumentals complement Noé’s still-lush vocal delivery, serving as a tonic to the beauty, force, and strength that anchored ‘Bloom’. The story is contemplative and pensive this time around, shifting the metaphor from one of growth to one of despondency and a feeling of helplessness, as if the protagonist is ‘wilting’ and sliding away.A thread of hope runs through it all; the attempt to care for and nurture yourself, followed by a stumble and a “wilting again.”

However, that doesn’t mean the cycle has to finish here. Noé’s velvet tone simply flows through, all the while building up the dreamy textures of synths, spiky bleeps and a symphony of ambient, sweeping sounds besides. The feelings that Noé established on ‘Bloom’ are fully realized by the beautiful interaction between nature and nurture, with a hint of something sharper. These two songs are just a taste of what’s to come on her next EP, which will feature more in-depth sonic soliloquies and all-instrumental world-weaving of the most enchanted variety.

Speaking on the new tune, Noé explains “The thought of wilting feels like a great metaphor for those more nuanced, difficult emotions. But it’s also a positive reminder that, like in nature, this period can be a standalone experience in our path to recovery and rebirth.

Listen to “Wilting” on Spotify:


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