Tiam Wills has released a new song titled “Destiny”


Tiam Wills, an artist and producer located in Lyon, France, is known for his outstanding live performances and signature blend of electro-funk. His infectious new nu-disco tune “Destiny” was released on Friday, September 15th.

With “Destiny,” Wills expands his musical horizons beyond his signature club music into the R&B genre. Blending energetic rhythms, funky keys, and Gregory Porter’s soulful vocals, the track depicts the sense of loving a soulmate without being bogged down by the future’s uncertainty.

first song, titled “Destiny,” will be released on November 24.
Wills elaborates on the inspiration for the song, saying, “This new music expresses two meanings. It expresses the desire to share love with a soulmate, always go further together without worrying about tomorrow, and establish a life as a couple with the most wonderful memories. It also reflects our unique life paths, values, and goals here on Earth.

and producer Tiam Wills lives in France, namely in the region between Annecy and Lyon.
Wills is a true child of the disco funk era of the 1970s and 1980s, drawing inspiration from artists like Oliver and SG Lewis. His tunes pay respect to the carefree attitude of the era they were made for with a blend of nu-disco, disco house, and psychedelic art pop. Destiny is currently available on all major platforms. A song video, directed by Tiam Wills, will be released alongside the album.

Listen to “Destiny” on Spotify:

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