Nieri releases a new single, “Nightclubbing”


 Having already released the techno-pop smash “Where Would You Drive?” and the seductive hymn “Rated X,” Nieri is ready to set the club world on fire with his new single, “Nightclubbing.”

Grace Jones’s “Nightclubbing” (a rendition of the classic 1981 hit by David Bowie and Iggy Pop) is a refreshing take on the song, updating the classic with the sounds of today’s music scene. Nieri’s assured vocal performance is matched by the production, which contains a heavy acid atmosphere and throbbing club beats and was created in collaboration with Joakim Buddee.

introduced me to Grace Jones while I was a teenager clubbing in Milan.
Her music, appearance, and profession made a lasting impression on me, as Nieri admits. “She continues to be a massive inspiration. I wanted to honor one of my musical heroes with this cover while also evoking the feeling of being back in those heady, formative club days.

the tune is a compelling music video, directed by Nieri with non-binary director and artist FLASCH.
The film gives an inside look at “Club 88,” a place where people may be themselves without judgment. Nieri’s closest pals star in a music video that captures the spirit of freedom via a celebration of friendship and queerness.Nieri breaks out into a dancing routine, and the rest of the room soon follows suit, marking the video’s finale. On November 8th, “Nightclubbing” was made available on all major streaming services.

Nieri is a dance pop musician who uses her songs to spread a message of unconditional love. Nieri, who was born in Milan but now resides in Los Angeles, injects a euro sensibility based on his own life experiences, hardships, and hopes into his high-energy dance pop. His first EP, titled “Starshine,” came out in July 2022, and it showcased his sound: fresh and unapologetically enjoyable. His live shows are a blast because of the electric way he performs his brand of dance pop. Nieri performs at large events including Interpride’s Silence to Solidarity concert, NYC Pride, Drama Milano, and WeHo Pride, and in smaller venues all throughout Los Angeles and New York City. Nieri’s music is a living demonstration of the life-altering potential of individual expression and original thought. He is currently working on his second extended play, and his goal is to provide listeners with a musical haven from where they can freely express their true selves.

Listen to “Nightclubbing” on Spotify:

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