Navigating Life’s Challenges with Amanda Cross’s “Hell or High Water”


Amanda Cross, a multi-faceted musician, stands out in the wide horizon of contemporary music by combining the genres of Alt-Country, Americana, and Rock in her personal style. With her sources of inspiration coming from the moody psychedelic vibes of Lana Del Rey to the astute songwriting of Brandi Carlile, Cross derives music that cannot be categorized and takes the listeners on a trip that passes different landscapes of emotions and experiences.

She has released her newest single “Hell or High Water”, a modern anthem that sounds in the themes of resistance, empowerment and rebellion. This is a woman who is exhausted with the restrictions of society and run by men. The song is so powerful with its sense of determination and challenge in spite of the passage of time that is ever present.

It is raw, unpolished and full of swampy guitar riffs and a strong chain gang melody all contributing to a sound that is unique. Cross’s convincing voice and evocative words depict a protagonist who is not held back by adversity and dedicatedly face all the challenges life offers.

As the title implies, “Hell Or High Water” describes resilient spirit when dealing with problems. It refers to the shared reality of overcoming adversity and remaining yourself regardless of the situations. In the world where strength and originality are more often than not challenged, ‘This Is Me’ is the anthem which is the battle cry for empowerment and self-expression.

Whether you are trying to find your way through good times and bad, or you just feel like a blast of uncontrollable energy and honesty, this album will be the soundtrack for your soul. With the merging of the classic country-rock sound and the modern attraction, this single by Amanda Cross symbolizes the unlimited capability of the music to make us feel good, give us hope, and be united.

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