Enter the Dimension of “Electric Gypsy” with The Interdimensionals


Explore the auditory world of The Interdimensionals by listening to the new single “Electric Gypsy” from their EP “Slow Motion”. Out of self-discovery and through a profound love for music, the twin brothers, Logan and Landon, behind The Interdimensionals create a piece of work that will resonate with anyone who prefers a journey through both sound and emotions.

Musically, Landon and Logan are both part of their DNA since they received for the first time a guitar at the age of 10, their gift. A period of relative silence was followed by both of the brothers setting aside their different pursuits such as mixed martial arts and football but as they again listened to music they began a trek which would lead them to creation of The Interdimensionals.

Combining Landon and Logan’s experiences and feelings as siblings, they co-create closure and witty lyrics. As a result, they write uplifting music and lyrics that trigger thoughtfulness. For each inspiration of guitar and simultaneously singing the vocal line they create a positive composition which makes the listeners have an emotional travel to the depth and meaning inside themselves.

“Electric Gypsy” is, in this regard, a clear evidence of the changes that The Interdimensionals endured as artists and storytellers. Song creation is the result of Logan’s simple yet stunning guitar rhythms, Landon’s powerful vocals, and his mindblowing lead. Therefore, it will guide through life unpredictable ups and downs without leaving any feeling out.

The Interdimensionals uncover a crucial juncture in both their personal and musical lives. Providing them with custom-made recording studio and fine-tuning their skills, they have not only managed to produce a song that flows with a lot of energy and feeling but also engage the audience to indulge in the sound of the rhythm and melody.

Besides, allow the powerful sounds and their touching lyrics to be your compass throughout the different sound waves and levels of emotion as you dive into the world of music at its simplest form.

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