Exploring the Vibrant Sounds of RubberStamp’s “Peng Fever”


RubberStamp, a collective of UK-based songwriters, musicians, and producers, continues to push musical boundaries with their latest release, “Peng Fever.” Comprised of primary members Gary Blake (neon radiation), Dave Mcfarlane (DrJkl), and Chris Gotch (gotchy), RubberStamp’s eclectic blend of influences creates a unique sonic experience for listeners.

Initially drawing inspiration from the Oriental dance scene, “Peng Fever” evolved into a laid-back Afrobeat masterpiece with the addition of lyrics by Neon Radiation and vocals by Nigerian artist Sheddie Bankz. The song seamlessly blends elements of dance, Afrobeat, and chill vibes, showcasing RubberStamp’s versatility and creativity in merging diverse musical styles.

As part of their new album, “Liquid,” RubberStamp explores the intersection of chill and drum and bass, a genre known as Liquid. Building on their previous self-titled album, which was influenced by UK Tech House artists like CamelPhat, RubberStamp continues to evolve their sound, captivating audiences with their innovative approach to music production.

With “Peng Fever,” RubberStamp invites listeners on a musical journey filled with infectious rhythms, soulful vocals, and vibrant melodies. The collaboration with Sheddie Bankz adds an authentic Nigerian flair to the track, further enriching its cultural tapestry and highlighting RubberStamp’s commitment to cross-cultural musical exploration.

With its irresistible groove and uplifting energy, this song is sure to ignite a feverish excitement among listeners worldwide.

Listen below.

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