Nardean drops a new single titled “Smoke In The Room”in anticipation for her upcoming EP


Australian-Egyptian singer-songwriter, Nardean has released a new, seductive single called “Smoke In The Room.” This laid-back tune is the follow-up to Nardean’s forthcoming EP, and it showcases her distinctive poetry and honeyed voice, backed by a tight live band.

Nardean sings about a relationship between two people, asserting her independence and saying, “I know what I need.” It’s a song that celebrates a slow, sensual love it’s an aspirationally intimate love song, with Nardean’s soulful vocals and the live band’s lowkey groove creating a beautiful environment, perfect for setting the mood for a night of ahem, passion.

his point, Nardean uses her own life story: “As a recovering people pleaser, I’ve spent a lot of my life doing what I thought other people wanted.
This included the bedroom as well. For me, this song represents an affirmation that I am deserving of the good things in life. I’m not shy about expressing my needs because I know what they are.

Nardean’s new track, “Smoke In The Room,” builds on the success of her last offering, “Follow Thru,” which received airplay on FBi and 2SER, playlist placements on Spotify’s The Hybrid and triple J’s Home & Hosed, and coverage in a number of prominent publications. The new track lays the groundwork for her upcoming EP, The Remedy, set for release in November 2023. Those who like soulful R&B and carefully crafted lyrics will be enthralled. These early stages of Nardean’s musical development will be remembered fondly as his career progresses.

Listen to “Smoke In The Room” on Spotify:

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