Indie Pop/ Indie R’N’B artist, Leeek unleashes a new single titled “You Don’t Really Mind”


Leeek has settled comfortably among the stomping feet that illuminate the world’s disco ball with their shadows.Their sound is on a spectrum of funky r&b and tasty indie pop, which they have only just scratched the surface of.We were inspired to disappear on the dance floor to their first hit “Move” (2023), and their follow-up, “You Don’t Really Mind” (2023), continues the good times.

The song’s beautiful pop vocals are introduced after a hazy guitar intro explodes into a tight rhythm pattern and a funky bassline.The vocal melody dances across the rhythm, bringing up feelings of hopelessness and numbness. The lyrics tell tales of embarrassing oneself in front of someone you care about and spiraling out of control.

The entire time, you sink into a pit of despair and feel as though you would never emerge. Sadness gives way to understanding, and in your exposed state, you learn that everything you believed to be true about the person you loved about was, in fact, a lie.

This song serves as a reminder that sometimes we have to go down in order to come back up stronger. No one goes down without rising up again. Downfront Studio was used for the recording of the band’s original composition, which was then mixed by eikie and mastered by Rune Lak. On October 20, 2023, all digital outlets started to feature Leeek’s latest single, “You Don’t Really Mind.”

Listen to “You Don’t Really Mind” on Spotify:

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