Mike Donello’s Acoustic Cover of Roy Orbison’s ‘You Got It’ Brings New Life to a Classic


The New Essentials’ lead, Mike Donello, who is an amazing musician and a frontman, has just debuted his latest project, a cover of Roy Orbison’s amazing evergreen titled “You Got It”. Recorded at The Zone in Dripping Springs, TX, this rendition has Donello on lead vocals, drums, percussion, and guitar, and other musicians who participated in the creation of this cover include

The acoustic version enhances the life of the song, bringing to the fore not only Donello’s versatility and creativity but also the emotions he poured into the beloved track. In using a bare instrumentation and an accomplished vocal delivery, the rendition expresses the gist of the original and at the same time gives to the tune his very own individual styling.

“Cover songs have been my passion ever since,” emphasizes Doneto. “‘You Got It!’ is a tune that has touched the core of me and I wanted to dedicate a cover to it in my own interpretation.

In addition to Donello’s declaration of thanks, the acoustic cover was recorded and mixed by renowned engineer Pat Manske. Just as this great engineer, Manske is an indisputable sign of Donello’s devotion to quality and craft. With a familiar and hearty-sound, the song is made specifically to speak to the listeners of all ages.

“I’m thrilled about the idea of seeing a new type of tuna cover hitting the streaming environment,” Donello exclaims. “If the audience get acquainted with it, I shall proceed by launching newer covers along with original songs in 2024.”

Listen below.


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