Bassist Yosef Gutman Levitt continues his bold creative journey with “The World and Its People”


In a captivating follow-up to his recent collaboration with guitar legend Lionel Loueke, bassist and composer Yosef Gutman Levitt of Jerusalem returns with his latest release, “The World and Its People.” Available from Levitt’s Soul Song imprint, this new album showcases a unique blend of chamber-jazz-newgrass influenced by the Goat Rodeo Sessions and deep introspection from Levitt’s soul.

Featuring original compositions co-written and arranged by producer Gilad Ronen, “The World and Its People” highlights Levitt’s exceptional talent alongside his musical companions Tal Yahalom on acoustic guitars, Omri Mor on piano, and Yoed Nir on cello. The album represents a culmination of their collaborative efforts, with each member taking a leading role in their musical expression.

Inspired by the colorful musical palette of the Goat Rodeo Sessions, Levitt and his team aimed to create a fusion of classical crossover, country, and folk elements within their improvised jazz framework. Mixing emotional depth with light, bouncy rhythms, the album delivers a rich and authentic listening experience.

Rooted in Levitt’s spiritual journey as a devout Jew, “The World and Its People” is infused with themes of spiritual growth and connection to God and community. The album title reflects Levitt’s belief in the power of music to illuminate and impact the world, fostering honesty, openness, and meaningful relationships.

With his signature sound on upright bass and a unique five-string acoustic bass guitar, Levitt’s solos and ensemble passages in tracks like “Awakening” and the title track showcase his warm, expressive tone and melodic sensibility. His compositions draw from both personal introspection and traditional Aramaic phrases, embodying themes of awakening and awareness.

Launching the Soul Song label with a commitment to intimate, honest, and spiritually inspired music, Levitt aims to cultivate a community of artists dedicated to creating their own soulful expression. Collaborations with acclaimed guitarists Gilad Hekselman and Ralph Towner are on the horizon, promising more soul-stirring music to come.

Stream Full Album Below.

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