Exponent’s Debut Single ‘Never Wanna Leave’ Takes Hip Hop and Dancehall to New Heights


Exponent, the fresh-faced songwriter and rap artist, is proving his skills with the release of his energetic debut single titled “Never Wanna Leave.” His collaboration with the gifted FireVerse resulted in a dancehall-hip-hop blend that music lovers will enjoy!

“Never Wanna Leave” from the very beginning of the song, grabs the audience’s attention through its infectious beat and catchy words. The song starts from the first note and you can already feel Exponent is possessed with a talent that is incomparable to anything else. He displays his versatility in music and his skill to merge different genres together effortlessly.

This track holds Extent’s originality and musical mastery as he ingeniously merges the rhythmic drives of hip-hop with the party moods of dancehall. FireVerse serves a complementary function in the song as it fosters the depth and completeness of the track as it is now, thus forming an inseparable chord.

With an aptly titled song ‘Never wanna leave’, Exponent demonstrates that he is primed to make a memorable footprint in the industry through his uncommon sound and electrifying spirit. As the audience continues to dig into and embrace his music, the artist’s future looks more promising and shining.

Keep posted for more astounding releases from Exponent, because he keeps messing with the borders of hip hop and dancehall, riveting people with an innovative algorithm. Every time a new Exponent track is released, this artist becomes more of a trendsetter in the industry with his audience intrigued about the next project that will get out.

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