Jordan Lively Releases New single ‘Good Vibes’ To Raise The Spirit Of Fans That Feel Down


Jordan Lively, a gifted singer and songwriter, has just released her newest song, “Good Vibes.” Jordan makes a comeback with a song that is meant to encourage and inspire after the astonishing success of her debut single “SOS” on the front page of Apple Music.

A musical journey called “Good Vibes” captures the spirit of optimism, resiliency, and hope. The song, which features Jordan’s distinctive voice over upbeat beats and enticing melodies, attempts to give listeners a jolt of joy when they’re feeling down.

Jordan opens up about how her struggles with depression served as the inspiration for her most recent work. “When individuals say they deal with depression, they mean that it’s a conflict, a perpetual war. Jordan resorted to music during one of her own bouts with depression when she felt alone. “I started speaking to myself in the ways I wished to be spoken to, concentrating on the tiny, priceless moments that make life worthwhile. This song is about how there is light even in the darkness.

More than just a personal message, Jordan goes out and extends love and support to everyone who is struggling. “I’m here for everyone who feels like they are alone. I have you. I’m sending you nothing but good feelings and wonderful energy.

Jordan Lively provides a potent message of love, hope, and support in “Good Vibes,” which not only demonstrates her artistic talent but also inspires. It serves as a timely anthem for anybody looking for hope in their darkest moments.

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