Indie Rock Group, Goldfinch unleashes a new single titled “Calabasas”


Goldfinch, an Indie Rock band from South Texas, is doing some serious sound research for 2023. Singer Tony Shepherd started the project during the height of the COVID outbreak as a means of processing his own grief and anguish. The new album’s tracks were, in large part, written for therapeutic purposes. They were never supposed to be seen by the general population. I played them for our guitarist, Carlos Rodriguez, and he was persuaded that they had depth and should be heard by a wider audience.

Following many late-night discussions, the pair decided that if they were to record the songs as an album, they would be as honest and vulnerable in their songwriting as possible, with the hope that the songs would help others work through their own personal issues by documenting Shepherd’s healing and growth following personal trauma. The album they’ve toiled over for so long is almost ready for its debut, and the lead track “Calabasas” has already been released.

addition to capturing the loneliness people felt during the pandemic, “Calabasas” also shows how they dealt with the onslaught of advertising designed to make them feel like they were never good enough.
It’s possible that you’re experiencing feelings of isolation, anxiousness, or insignificance. But you must learn to love yourself and accept that you are sufficient. Remember that you are valuable and that you are the person God created you to be. There’s some serious analysis here, but at least the music’s cool. On September 29th, Goldfinch’s Calabasas was released.

Listen to Calabasas on Spotify:

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