Jurusha Cavazos and Devin Lewis join forces to release an electrifying song titled “Mediocrity”


To combat the crippling anxiety of being labelled “average,” Jerusha Cavazos and Devin Lewis’s new tune, “MEDIOCRITY,” is an exhilarating anthem. Jerusha’s first track, “Aquafina,” was published during the pandemic; it was produced by Mike Woods and Boston of Rice N’ Peas (Queen Najia, BAZZI, Ari Lennox), and her most recent hit, “Monopoly,” was featured in Spotify’s Fresh Finds & Pop Fresh Finds. Similarly, Devin Lewis has become well-known as a musical virtuoso for his electrifying dance interpretations of popular songs from musicals such as “Ready to Be Loved” (Edges: A Song Cycle) and “I Am What I Am” (La Cage aux Folles).

is their third project together as a team.
This stirring song explores the cultural pressure to develop expertise in a particular area and offers hope to individuals who choose to juggle various interests. The song is a rallying cry for those who fear being labelled “average” in a capitalist society that places a premium on specialised knowledge.

To continue, Grammy-winning producer Jon Rezin (One Direction, Abigail Barlow, Prince Royce) worked on the “MEDIOCRITY” album’s mixing and mastering. Nick Sanza contributed additional words to the song, which further enhance its already powerful emotional content.

Jerusha Lewis and Devin Lewis teamed together with actor and photographer Drew Elhamalawy to capture the spirit of “MEDIOCRITY” on film.
Cover art that so well captures the essence of the song was also created by designer Tony Pracek. Now you can listen to “Mediocrity” on your choice of streaming services including Spotify, Apple Music, and more.

Listen to “Mediocrity” on Spotify:

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