New Norwegian Pop star, Ella Lockert has released a new song called “Whisper all my secrets”


At long last, a brand new song by Ella Lockert! Her second song this year is titled “Whisper all my secrets,” and you may have heard a snippet of it if you’ve been watching Norwegian TV shows for generation Z. “VGS” (short for “High School”) features visual and audible content from the performer.

that “Whisper all my secrets” is an emotional roller coaster would be an understatement.
It delves into the mental and emotional wrangling that occurs when you care deeply for someone you know is bad for you, but it’s still difficult to walk away from them. Ella Lockert’s piano and the sensitive line “Every inch of you is killing me” set the tone. The statement “this time it’s war” is followed by a dramatic climax and the introspective inquiry “Why do I whisper all my secrets?” Is she going to leave…? It’s a jewel, equal parts gentle and hard-hitting. Released on October 27!

 Norwegian alt-pop musician Ella Lockert, age 18, has been performing and recording music for the better part of her life. At the age of seven, she enrolled in a children’s opera chorus, and by the time she was 12, she had released 12 singles and made two TV appearances as part of a tween duo, as well as toured the country with a full band. The whole thing happened before she turned 16.

In 2021, Ella Lockert made her debut as a solo artist with the EP Confusing, which was met with widespread critical acclaim. NRK (Norwegian National Radio) played two of the three hits. The second single, “Like I’m the new girl,” was featured on BBC Introducing, and the song has since been added to the playlists of other radio stations throughout the world. The latter group even named her its 2021 Artist of the Year.

This upcoming autumn, you may catch her at the Swn festival in Wales.She is wrapping up her junior year of high school, filming subsequent seasons of the two television programmes in which she stars (VGS for NRK and Stayer for Viaplay), and preparing for her release, new EP’s first single.

A musician “with an immersive, polished alt-pop sound that feels as cutting edge and memorable as it does relatable”, Ella Lockert has been hailed by critics and fans alike. Effortlessly compelling alt-pop sound, Clout, on the rapidly ascending Ella Lockert. “Extremely infectious pop that recalls of Sweden’s NEIKED and Julie Bergan of Norway” ,Nordic pop music in the United Kingdom.Said the Swedish publication POPMUZIK of Norwegian singer Ella Lockert: “…with a hook that sticks like gum under your shoe.”

ELLA LOCKERT SO, TELL ME, WHY DO YOU MAKE MUSIC? Obviously, I would. It’s my life, my soul, my everything. Putting on a show and making music are two things I’ve always enjoyed doing. The way it makes me feel, the freedom I have to express myself, and the joy I get from sharing it with others are incomparable. TO WHAT DO YOU OWE THE MOST OF YOUR SUCCESS? I’m a highly emotional person, which has its benefits and drawbacks. Writing is my way of thinking and understanding the world around me. My friends, my love, my heartbreaks, the myriad emotions I experience on a daily basis, and my age in general all serve as sources of inspiration for my writing. Using topics that are familiar to the majority of readers. Tate Mcrae, Mimi Webb, and the Norwegian Astrid S. are some of the musicians I enjoy listening to.

Ella Lockert’s theatrical presence and charisma belie her little stature of 5 feet 2 inches. Despite her tender years, she has already toured Norway, performed at regional festivals, and appeared three times on national TV. The overseas debut takes place this October. Ella Lockert is a promising new pop star.

Listen to “Whisper all my secrets” on Spotify:

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