Heartstrings and Highways: The Journey of Jesse Boltz


Jesse Boltz, also known as Betty Ashmen, is a new and exciting artist from Bridgeton, New Jersey. Her music is a unique mix of country and heartfelt lyrics that show her deep passion for music. Jesse started singing at a young age, just 8 years old, and was inspired by artists like Roy Drusky, David Houston, Cecil Caudill, and Gladys and the Country Ramblers. Her love for music began in 1965 and has grown stronger over the years.

In March 2023, Jesse Boltz released “Little Love Thing,” a song that showcases her musical talent. This song is not just music; it is a piece of Jesse’s heart and soul. The song features heartfelt vocals and beautiful instrumentals that show her growth as an artist. John Workman from M&M Music in Vineland, New Jersey, appreciates her unique sound, which connects with people of all ages.

Jesse Boltz’s music is different and captivating. She chose the name “Jesse Boltz” with the help of her fans, showing how much she values their support. Jesse works with talented artists like John Paul Austin, who plays the bass, and Tony Mascara, the drummer. Together, they create amazing music both in the studio and live on stage.

Jesse Boltz’s band, BETA Country, is more than just a name. It represents their adventurous and unique sound. They have released 12 songs on platforms like YouTube, Apple, Pandora, and Spotify. Jesse’s songs reflect her life experiences and emotions, making them relatable to many people.

Jesse Boltz and BETA Country have an album coming out on January 5, 2024. This album will be a mix of different genres and emotions, showing Jesse’s dedication and love for music. Her journey as an artist is just beginning, and it promises to be filled with beautiful melodies and heartfelt lyrics. Jesse Boltz is a name to watch in the music world, bringing something fresh and genuine to the stage.



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