Baptized in Grace: Elderman’s Ode to Spiritual Renewal


Elderman’s latest release, “Baptism Song,” is a beautiful and heartfelt piece that touches on the profound transformation that comes with accepting Christ’s forgiveness. Elderman, who lives in Cleveland, OH with his wife and is a grandfather to five children, writes and sings from a place of deep personal faith and experience.

The song itself is inspired by the concept of baptism. Elderman explains that baptism signifies a significant change in a person’s life, symbolizing their adoption into God’s family and a shift from an old life of base desires to a new life led by the Spirit of God. The Greek word “baptizo,” meaning to dye or change, captures this transformation perfectly. Through his lyrics, Elderman conveys the essence of this spiritual rebirth and the joy that comes with it.

Elderman:Heritage, the album that features “Baptism Song,” follows his debut album, “Elderman: Wednesday In Vancouver,” which was released in Fall 2021. This debut album included “Rebekah’s Song (And I Prayed For You),” which won the Silver Award for Best Music Video at the Wallachia International Film Festival in Bucharest in October 2022. This recognition highlights Elderman’s talent not only as a singer and songwriter but also as a storyteller who can create powerful visual narratives.

“Baptism Song” stands out with its simple yet profound message. The melody is soothing and complements the lyrics, making it easy for listeners to connect with the spiritual message. Elderman’s voice is warm and inviting, drawing listeners into the deeper meaning of baptism and the changes it brings to one’s life.

Overall, “Baptism Song” is a touching addition to Elderman’s body of work. It reflects his strong faith and ability to translate complex spiritual concepts into relatable and moving music. Fans of Christian music and those looking for songs with deep, meaningful lyrics will find “Baptism Song” to be a valuable addition to their playlist. Elderman’s dedication to his craft and his faith shines through, making this song a memorable and uplifting experience for all who listen.








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