Hurry Hard: The Berta Boys Hit the Country Scene with a Curling Anthem


The Berta Boys, Montreal’s top Alberta-themed country band, have just released their first single called “Hurry Hard.” This fun and catchy song is all about the sport of curling and its famous players, especially Alberta’s own Randy Ferbey, though the band humorously has trouble remembering his name! “Hurry Hard” brings out the excitement and spirit of curling, mixed with the Berta Boys’ unique humor and charm.

The music video for “Hurry Hard” takes fans right to the curling rink. In the video, the Berta Boys dress in their best curling outfits and try their hand at the sport. Even though their curling skills aren’t the best, they make it a fun and enjoyable experience. The video shows the fun and quirky side of the band, capturing the special culture of curling in a light-hearted way.

The Berta Boys are known for their unique Alberta-inspired style. They mix classic country music with modern elements, creating a fresh sound that stands out. The band members, Twangin’ Tony Laroche, Sharp Shootin’ Shae Brossard, Cotton Eyed Joey Blaze, and “Wild Rose” Gabriel Larose, each bring their own personality to the group. Together, they have quickly gained fans not only in Montreal but also in other places.

With their debut single “Hurry Hard,” the Berta Boys are ready to make a big impact on the country music scene. Their playful approach to music and their love for curling shine through in both the song and the video. “Hurry Hard” is a perfect introduction to their style, combining catchy tunes, humor, and a tribute to a beloved sport. Fans of country music and curling alike will find something to enjoy in the Berta Boys’ entertaining debut.



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