“Harmony in Melody: Exploring the Joyful Tapestry of Bernard Côté’s ‘Chez Les Côté’ and the Unveiling of ‘Somewhere Under the Wind.'”


Bernard Côté, a seasoned author-composer and performer, unveils the vibrant spirit of celebration in his latest song, “Chez Les Côté.” With its spontaneous and natural essence, the music invites everyone to join the festivities, transcending boundaries and resonating with joy.

In this lively composition, Bernard paints a vivid picture of the universal joy found in gatherings, whether it’s at his Saguenay family home or any household embracing the spirit of a good time. The catchy refrain sets the stage for dancing and singing, creating an atmosphere of shared merriment.

Having released six albums since 1997, Bernard Côté’s musical journey is marked by a dedication to country-folk music. His upcoming seventh album, “Somewhere Under the Wind,” slated for release in 2021, promises to continue this musical legacy. The title track has already graced the airwaves of various radio stations, adding to the artist’s well-established presence in the music scene.

Beyond the studio, Bernard’s career unfolds on the road, traversing thousands of kilometers to connect with audiences eager to embrace the soulful tunes of his performances. As he prepares to launch his new album, Bernard Côté remains a steadfast presence in the world of country-folk music, bringing people together through the power of his melodies and the timeless joy of celebration.




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