Chloe Tang Delivers Self-Evolution Anthem To Ring In The New Year, “2.0”


The newest song from Chloe Tang, “2.0,” is much better than her previous efforts. Tang finds the true self she was always intended to be in this upbeat story that unfolds throughout the song. A sound portrayal of leveling up is created by combining clever, self-assured lyrics with a beat that builds slowly. This song, with its well-balanced blend of r&b, pop, and rock, is great for getting in the mood for a night on the town or for a quick pick-me-up while driving. As an added treat, there are metal guitars.

Web 2.0 is accessible to everyone. Being compelled to realize your latent potential and bring it to fruitionWhy? Because it’s like a brand-new, revitalized version of myself bursting into existence; I’ve never felt this good. I am emerging victorious, so please open my eyes after I have died. In contrast to Tang’s previous work, which is heavy on bad-bitch anthems and aggressive self-love, 2.0 stands out with its mid-tempo beat and laid-back vocal delivery.

When Tang returned home after college, she saw that people were staring at her tattoos and remarking on how much she had changed.

At last, I had found a place where I could be myself and voice my opinions freely. I didn’t simply keep thinking about it; I spoke it out loud. Something isn’t nonexistent only because you haven’t witnessed a side of someone. It is expected that we will evolve and progress continuously. If you can’t let go of the old you, how can you discover the actual you? That’s what I mean when I say things like, “You liked the old me but I killed that h0e, you was tryin to keep me low.”

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