Georgia Blu releases an absorbing single, “This Love”


My hope with all my songs, is that they leave the listener feeling powerful and motivated. When I think of the song “This Love,” I think of the roller coaster of feelings that might arise when you let another person into your heart. I’ve made an effort to give the song my own distinctive flavor by drawing inspiration from real-life events. I did this by singing about conflicted, uncertain, painful, and connected emotions that I believe would ring true for many listeners.

Blu is the culmination of my journey from a career as a cover artist and duo performer of other people’s music to being true to myself as an artist while never losing sight of the people whose music originally inspired me to become a vocalist. Even when I’m making my own music, I aim to include elements that are reminiscent of other musicians.

are a rich source of musical inspiration for me.
Despite the fact that I’d classify my music as being on the lighter side (almost pop), I always make sure to sing from the heart in order to give my songs the emotional weight they need to be memorable and impactful, both for the listener and for myself. This classifies my sound as intermediate between pop and ballad. I put my heart and soul into everything I do, and singing is no exception. I believe that the right amount of emotion and intensity delivered at just the right times can transform a song from a pleasant listen into an unforgettable experience for its listeners.

As I mature as a writer and performer, I believe that working with other creatives will help me hone this skill. The way I communicate with myself and others is through music. I pray that anyone who listen to my music will be uplifted by the words of positivity and encouragement I try to convey.

Many individuals, I believe, will find resonance in my songs because they, too, have experienced the emotions inherent in the pursuit of love. The things I’ve learned as an artist thus far have inspired me to write songs about love, relationships, heartbreak, and the triumph of the human spirit. My music will change as I do, and I hope my fans will appreciate hearing the new Georgia Blu.

Storytelling is something I care deeply about, whether through songwriting or performance, and that’s why it was a driving force behind the creation of the ‘This Love’ music video. Capturing all the emotions of the song in the music video proved to be a tough but ultimately satisfying aspect of doing the song justice and bringing the song to life. I think I succeeded in doing so by making strategic use of important pictures, visuals, and the surrounding environment. I thought the video did a good job of encapsulating the spirit of the song.

the future, I want to make music videos that not only capture the essence of the song, but also demonstrate my development as a performer.
Georgia Blu.

Listen to “This Love” on Spotify:

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