Adam Faybrem releases a new single entitled “Caught In A Feeling”


The ever-evolving arena of modern music, Adam Faybrem is no stranger to the spotlight. Adam’s trajectory shows little sign of slowing down, what with his Top 10 song on the UK commercial pop charts in 2013 and his current spike in popularity on Australia’s leading radio station, Fox FM Night Radio.

Already amassing remarkable streams, songs like “Everytime” and “Now We’re Talking” demonstrate his undeniable appeal to the audience. With “Caught In A Feeling,” Faybrem ventures into uncharted territory. This exciting first single from his upcoming EP is a masterful example of pure pop talent, and it emerged as an individual production. Adam’s unique style permeates every note, giving fans of the genre a tantalizingly new perspective.

In addition to its catchy rhythms, “Caught In A Feeling” has a fascinating narrative that delves into the exciting and sometimes turbulent world of romantic attraction. It’s more than simply music; it’s a gateway into a realm where feelings take precedence. The stunningly gorgeous cover art for the EP perfectly complements the aural adventure it contains.

Adam is shown in “Caught In A Feeling” clutching an artificial heart as he fights off a horde of ruthless robots. As a metaphor for love’s deceiving character, this powerful visual shows the fight against people who show false passion for selfish reasons. The violent conflict between man and machine symbolizes the emotional intensity and vulnerability expressed inside the song.

An exciting buzz is building as “Caught In A Feeling” nears its worldwide premiere. From what we’ve seen so far, Faybrem’s newest product is going to completely revolutionize the market.

Listen to “Caught In A Feeling” on Spotify:

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