Carla Stark has released an emotional single titled “ A Million Lives”


Having had a miscarriage the previous year, French-Algerian singer Carla Stark released her latest single, “A Million Lives,” on September 23, 2023. Carla’s release of “A Million Lives” demonstrates her commitment to honesty and her courage in broaching the taboo subject of miscarriage.

wrote this touching song with the intention of comforting and encouraging other women going through tough times by acknowledging their suffering and offering a glimpse of hope and healing.
Featuring the chorus “You did all that in a heartbeat, that lasted only for a few days, a million lives in a heartbeat”.Carla Stark paints a clear and sympathetic representation of the nuances of her experience.

“A Million Lives” serves as a stunning reminder of the strength and tenacity of the human spirit, and Carla Stark’s ongoing commitment to utilizing her music as a vehicle for healing and connection.

Carla Stark, a seasoned musician whose musical career spans seven years, broke through with her debut album “Karma” in 2017. Since then, she’s released a slew of hit singles and an EP titled “C.” in 2021, cementing her place in the hearts of music fans everywhere with her deep sound, her collaboration with Indian vocalist Paresh Pahuja, “Gulaabi,” was met with critical praise and helped establish Carla’s reputation as an adaptable and universally resonant performer.

Carla Stark has built a reputation for herself as a director of visually spectacular music videos that add to the emotional impact of her songs. Her music videos for “Dark Fuckin’ Grey” and “Wallpaper” are great examples of this; the latter having won a whopping 12 prizes at film festivals around the world. Carla Stark isn’t just a musician; she’s also working on a stage play that will feature her music and provide a narrative for the songs. This event, which she plans to perform in London next spring, will allow her to not only display her singing talents in a concert setting, but also to talk about the things that have happened to her and inspired her songs.

An appreciation for Carla’s creativity and the feelings conveyed by her song can be gained at this more personal presentation. You can get in touch with Carla Stark’s on her official website and listen to her music. Carla Stark Music, Email: Follow Carla on Facebook at:  Link to website:

Listen to “A Million Lives” on Spotify:

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