Fragile Creatures’ “Raised by Fools” explores dystopian future, blending darkness, resilience


“Raised by Fools,” the latest single from Brighton-based band Fragile Creatures, delves into the unsettling concept of an increasingly polarized world. In a society that seems to be growing more extreme and divided, the song paints a picture of a dystopian future where a generation is brought up by narrow-minded keyboard warriors. These individuals, products of an environment dominated by online discourse, find themselves struggling to survive in a world that’s slowly succumbing to the decay of humanity.

Fragile Creatures, a self-funded and self-recording DIY band, captures the essence of this disconcerting scenario through their music. The track was born during the dark days of lockdown, a period marked by isolation and uncertainty. However, it was during the uplifting period of restrictions being lifted that the song came to life. This juxtaposition mirrors the theme of the song itself, where darkness and adversity are met with resilience and hope.

The band’s commitment to producing their music independently speaks to their dedication and authenticity. “Raised by Fools” is just the beginning, as it heralds a series of planned singles in anticipation of their third album. This musical journey is a testament to the band’s camaraderie, as they refine their skills and revel in their shared passion for exploring new musical avenues.

Fragile Creatures’ ability to capture the zeitgeist of our times while infusing their work with a love for musical exploration showcases their depth as artists. By addressing the challenges and consequences of an increasingly polarized world, the band opens a dialogue about the future and the collective responsibility we have to shape it positively.

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