Christa Lee Expresses Her Fear of Longing In New Song Called “we don’t need to kiss”


Christa Lee, an up-and-coming musician, follows up her popular debut song, “Love Potion,” with her most recent single, “we don’t need to kiss.”

The essence of longing, bittersweet nostalgia, and the fear of moving forward are all captured in this brand-new song, which draws listeners into a realm of feelings and reminiscence.

Christa Lee, a gifted singer and composer from Madison, Wisconsin, bares her soul when performing each musical note and lyric on her most recent album.

According to Bong Mines Entertainment, “With her talent and She is certain to leave a lasting effect on the music industry thanks to her passion to her trade.

Insightful words from the song: “I can’t pretend you were good for me. It’s not my fault that a sleepy nostalgia finds its way into my slumber. I close my eyes and return to consciousness with your ghost by my side.

They created the mood for the track’s emotional journey by enveloping listeners in a world that is at once eerily beautiful and devastating. According to Christa Lee, “I wrote a lot of the songs years ago in my notebook or notes app as poetry or half-formed thoughts. Instead of letting them gather dust in my mind, it is incredibly therapeutic to modify and sing them.

Christa Lee’s song “we don’t need to kiss” has already been linked to the music of Amy Winehouse and Kali Uchis, but she disagrees.



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