Abby Asabea, a nu-soul artist, expresses her emotions in her first song, “Stuck to You.”


Abby Asabea, a newcomer to the London music scene, has been developing her talent in silence for years. Abby transports us to a time when artists were expected to be true musicians. And in 2021, she was chosen as a Young Music Next Gen Artist backed by TikTok and the People’s Postcode Lottery despite having no songs released, no team, and no management. Abby will be promoting a fresh take on soul throughout 2023 by releasing tunes from her varied debut EP.

Stuck to You was re-released in March 2023 with a master that enhanced the bass and enriched the lofi-inspired material, provided by Glaswegian Producer Session9. This song is a contemporary hymn to soul, and Abby’s handwriting gives it a poetic touch.

Her lyrical candor is accessible and incredibly energizing, much like UK soul singers who have come before her. This song is a sonic gem in the rough thanks to Grace Banks’ mixing, who has experience working with local musicians like Little Simz.

Although Abby is fresh to the industry, this opening tune demonstrates her promising future. Despite being her debut release, she was able to get rotational radio play from independent stations with the help of it, including PowerAce Radio in the UK and E-Jazz Radio in Uganda. The song was also chosen for a number of specially curated playlists, including three by Bananas Music, a rapidly expanding Brazilian music supervision firm. But for this budding soulstress, this is just the beginning.

Listen on Spotify below.

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