S.J. Armstrong Unveils Thought-Provoking Single ‘Facing the Wind’


S.J. Armstrong, the remarkable singer-songwriter, is still able to charm his listeners as he launches his new single, “Facing the Wind,” which is the second monthly release in a series of singles for his eagerly awaited third album.

“Facing The Wind” is the song that is amusingly contemplative which explores the matters of existenslism and the end of the world. The poignant lyrics of Armstrong decribe a man who is trying to deal with the inevitability that the world will come to an end giving head to us to think about the frailty of our kind.

In the song a 30-part vocal plane is laid over a complex bed of instruments, making it a sonic masterpiece. The use of mandolins, guitars, organs, synthesizers and two drum kits lets him achieve a multilayering sound that really brings the song to life.

Armstrong’s ability to play all the instruments, as well as the vocals, is a true testament of his musical genius. On top of that, being the musical engineer, mixer, and mastering engineer shows his genius also in the production aspects of this song.

Armstrong once again proves that he is not short of creativity by touching on such profound matters as “Facing the Wind”; he does so with finesse and compassion. Listeners are patiently waiting for the launch of his third album. Hence, the monthly singles are like appetizers, a preview of what is to come.

The singer’s next single from the series, “Orange and Gray,” will be out at the end of March, continuing the development of the music artist’s story. And through each album he just seems to be getting ahead of himself, Armstrong is becoming more and more recognizable as a cutting edge artist, with his fans ready for his next creative composition.

Stream below.

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