Embracing Positivity and Unity: Jacob Chacko’s New Singles*


As the world seeks solace and hope, Garden State songwriter and musician Jacob Chacko steps forward with two uplifting singles devoted to unity and gratitude. Renowned for his enchanting guitar-led arrangements and heartfelt sentiments, Chacko encapsulates the essence of songwriting as a means to escape and find solace.

The first of the two singles, “My Heart And Soul,” released on December 8th, emerges as a Rock and Roll groove, intertwining lyrically striking odes to gratitude and faith. With catchy call-and-response vocals and a smooth organic arrangement, “My Heart And Soul” exudes an instantly joyful vibe, offering a colorful and timely release to provide a refreshing seasonal celebration amidst the weight of the world.

Multi-faceted songwriter Jacob Chacko continues to connect with audiences in a deeply human and organic manner, infusing his music with sincerity and authenticity.

Following the spirit of celebration and togetherness during Christmas, “Let It Slide” released on January 26th. This soulful track serves as a comforting reminder to find peace of mind, embrace acceptance, and pursue one’s dreams and ambitions. With a multi-layered vocal arrangement and soulful electric guitar, “Let It Slide” invites listeners on a poetically evocative and soothing exploration of finding inner serenity and unlocking true potential.

Through his music, Jacob Chacko invites listeners to embrace positivity, unity, and hope, offering a beacon of light in times of uncertainty. With “My Heart And Soul” and “Let It Slide,” Chacko continues to uplift spirits and inspire hearts with his soul-stirring melodies and empowering lyrics.

Listen to both tracks below.




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