Exploring Tenah and Oddy’s Vibrant Reggae Fusion: A Review of “Do No Hurry”


“Do No Hurry” by Tenah and Oddy is a captivating EP that immerses listeners in a fusion of reggae vibes and vibrant digital sounds reminiscent of the 1980s. With its clever mix of retro aesthetics and contemporary musicality, the EP offers a refreshing take on the reggae genre.

Comprising six tracks, including the standout title track “Do No Hurry,” the EP showcases the musical prowess of both artists. Each song is accompanied by visually stunning clips and visualizers, enhancing the overall experience for listeners.

Tenah, a seasoned singer-songwriter and musician, has left his mark on the French and European Sound System scene, transitioning from a Deejay style to a more recent Singjay style. His collaboration with Oddy, a talented musician, riddim maker, and producer, results in a seamless blend of talents that shines throughout the EP.

The EP’s flagship title, “Do No Hurry,” sets the tone for the entire project with its infectious rhythms and catchy melodies. It seamlessly combines elements of reggae with colorful vintage digital sounds, creating a unique sonic experience that appeals to both longtime fans of the genre and newcomers alike.

Throughout the EP, listeners are treated to a diverse range of tracks, each showcasing the duo’s versatility and creativity. From the uplifting vibes of “Never Get Weary” to the infectious energy of “VIBZ CORNER,” each song offers something new and exciting for listeners to discover.

In conclusion, “Do No Hurry” is a must-listen for anyone who appreciates good music. With its infectious rhythms, catchy melodies, and vibrant production, the EP showcases the immense talent of both Tenah and Oddy. Whether you’re a longtime fan of reggae or simply looking for something new to add to your playlist, this EP is sure to leave a lasting impression.





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