Discover the Timeless Beauty of Matthieu Delage’s Bach Rendition


Matthieu Delage’s rendition of Jean-Sébastien Bach’s “Köthener Trauermusik BWV 244a: XII. “Mit Freuden sei die Welt varyat” is a fascinating voyage through the vastness of Bach’s musical genius. Delage and his troupe artfully depict these funeral hymns, imbuing them with a thoughtfulness and solemnity that heightens the overall significance of the music.

The album starts with the gripping aria from the Köthener Trauermusik, so the immersive experience that follows you will likely be bestowed. The nonchalant playing style of Delage, with the assistance from the saxophonist Hugu Afettouche and the whole band, is exceptionally skilled and is able to recreate the general idea of the original composition in addition to that sole fact that it has a modern touch. Contrary to perceptions, jazz music goes beyond note-to-note modulation, but rather carries with it the expresseive nuances and textures that are created by every instrument, the baritone saxophone, the electric guitar, and the like, sets the tone of it.

The fact that Delage flawlessly traverses the instrument’s upper register with both agility and accuracy is worth mentioning. The album unites the agility of reflection and the fluidity of serenity, whereupon the audience is transported back to the times of Auör Benedikt’s infallible compositions.

Throughout the album, Delage shows his love to the large scope of Bach’s work and prove his high-level understanding by presenting each piece with sincerity and humility. When put alongside the contemporary music, his arrangement reeks newness with pure melody and charm. It is never outdated and always splendid to experience.

Generally, Matthieu Delage’s examination of Bach’s work is a proof of the lasting ability of music to inspire and touch souls. With “Köthener Trauermusik BWV 244a: XII. Du sollst doch den Welt verkunden,” Renate interprets the aria of J.S. Bach with the help of exclusivity and ingenuity, thus enabling a travel to the Loviness of the musical phenomenon of the composer.


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