Presenting “J’peux goaler” by Bernard Côté


Bernard Côté, the talented Canadian author-songwriter-performer, has graced us once again with his latest radio hit, “I Can Goaler!” Teaming up with Marcus Quirion for instrumentation, arrangements, and execution, Côté delivers a heartfelt song that resonates with listeners, evoking memories of family moments captured in a photo album.

The song captures the essence of growing up, with its mix of warm nostalgia and bittersweet memories. As Côté sings, “It’s not easy being the youngest,” listeners are transported to moments of uncertainty and apprehension. Yet, amidst the uncertainty, there’s a sense of determination and resilience: “I’m not the little bum of my neighborhood, I can go to goaler, you can test me.”

With its Country-Folk style, “I Can Goaler” offers a soothing melody that invites listeners to reflect on their own journeys. Côté’s distinct voice adds depth and emotion to the song, leaving a lasting impression on anyone who listens.

Bernard Côté’s musical journey spans over two decades, with seven albums to his name since 1997. “I Can Goaler” is the latest addition to his impressive repertoire, currently making waves on Canadian radio stations and beyond. Beyond his musical accomplishments, Côté’s dedication to connecting with audiences through live performances showcases his passion for sharing his country-folk sound with the world.

In conclusion, “I Can Goaler” is a beautiful testament to Bernard Côté’s talent and unique artistic vision. Through his music, he paints a vivid picture of life’s ups and downs, leaving listeners enchanted by his authentic storytelling and soulful melodies. So, take a moment to listen and experience the magic of Bernard Côté’s music for yourself.


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