Embracing Offline Bliss: Rukmani’s New Release ‘No Social Media’


Nigerian singer Rukmani has released a powerful new song called “No Social Media,” which came out on February 16th. It’s not just any song; it’s about breaking free from the pressures of social media and connecting with your true self.

In the song, Rukmani sings about not wanting to deal with social media anymore, which can resonate with people who feel overwhelmed by its expectations. “No Social Media” promotes self-love, empowerment, and not caring about what others think.

But the message goes beyond just quitting social media apps. It encourages reclaiming your time, energy, and voice, and focusing on genuine connections and pursuing your passions.

Rukmani sees the song as a movement to inspire people to be themselves without seeking validation online. It’s a reminder that you are worthy just as you are.

“No Social Media” isn’t just a catchy tune; it’s a call to take action, to disconnect from the noise, listen to your inner voice, and shape your own story.

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