Sarah Lake’s Moody Country Ballad ‘Worth the Hurt’: A Cinematic Journey of Love and Loss


Excelling at country music, the amazing singer-songwriter Sarah Lake has dropped another single this time. This one is titled Worth the Hurt and is full of themes of love, longing, and resilient attitude. This poem is entirely authored by Sarah and singers from Broken Bow with an epoch-making production by Olympia. The song reflects a new sound atmosphere and texture for Lake.

With its filmography-like quality and beats pounding the very hearts of the listeners, “Worth the Hurt” throw listeners in an inner world of pure emotion and introspection. Sarah’s expressive voice, together with the poignant lyrics, “even if this is it we get, this is the supreme moment compared to everything else, or we crash, or we burn, some things are worth the pain”, establish the subtleties of love and the hurt of letting go.

The production of the song “Worth the Hurt” is phenomenal, with it mixed by prolific Mark Needham, a master engineer who has also worked with many iconic artists like Dolly Parton, Imagine Dragons, and The Killers. Such a finish invites the audience into the profoundness of Sarah’s talent, ranging from the all-stimulating vocals to the complicated instrument.

This tune is a sneak peak into Sarah’s upcoming EP that is scheduled for release in March. Through the EP, Sarah is planning to get a new sound, cooperating with Everette and a Grammy-nominated producer Ernie Lake, and shedding some light on her journey to becoming the artist she is today.

Sarah Lake’s giftability covers much more than her personal music. She is outstanding as it is evidenced by collaborations with world-famous performers like Moriah Formica, Betty Cantrell, and Tegan Marie among others, being clear proof of her storytelling capabilities that affect the audiences.



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