Earl Thomas Michael’s ‘In Remembrance of You’: A Musical Reflection on Christ’s Sacrifice


Earl Thomas Michael’s most recent recording,” In Remembrance of You,” depicts in a musical way the sufferings and glorification of Christ. Earl wrote the song as he was thinking about the events of the crucifixion and resurrection of the Savior, Jesus Christ. With Easter just around the corner, the song becomes very relevant now.

This song makes Earl’s talent obvious, as he not only wrote the musical composition, but also arranged, produced, and performed all instruments apart from the acoustic piano. Recognized producer Carl Wheeler, chiefly known for collaborating with “Tony, Toni, Tone,” contributes to the piano, which complements the tune by filling it out.

Among other invaluable qualities of the song “In Remembrance of You” is the iconic artistry exhibited by Daneen Wilburn as the key vocalist. Hailing from San Diego, CA, her soulful voice offers up a sense of heartfelt honesty as she carries the song and makes it soar.

With “In Remembrance of You” listeners are invited into the melody, they are offered a time to ponder the magnitude of Christ’s sacrificial love and God’s victory over death. Through Earl’s careful arrangement and production the musical atmosphere becomes intense and elevating: the audience’s reaction to the message of restoration and salvation becomes emotional.

Through the spiritual depth of “In Remembrance of You”, this song dramatizes the meaning of the cross as one eternal tool. With the coming of Easter, this beautiful piece serves its purpose at present as a time of meditation and reverence. It is prayerful and at the same time invites listeners to draw closer to the heart of the Easter story.


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