Taking a deep dive into The Country Affair’s latest single, “Irish Born American Made”


The Country Affair, comprising of Kevin Brennan and Tony Regan, for the last 40 years have gone through a musical trip while stamping country influences with their trademark style. Despite acquiring a long history together, they did not start dealing with writing original country-influenced songs for the last 5 years.

Their latest single ” Irish Born American Made,” which was just released in time for St. Patricks holiday, follows the impeccable tradition of Irish emigration into the United States. Kevin Brennan notes, “The theme of songs reflects our roots in the storytelling tradition, and there is nothing like the story of the Irish migration to the USA, a position we have personally experienced by playing there.”

Their journey has carried them all over US, giving them a chance to show their talent at cities as famous as New York, Austin, Houston, and San Francisco. Moreover, they were even given a choice to further their professional lives within the USA. Yet, they followed another goal and were enthusiastic about the music.

Last year, The Country Affair opened for Ward Thomas, They launched their album “Off The Grid” on the same tour and performed at, among others, Country2Country and Blackdeer. Today, you will find them back on the stage with Clearwater Creedence Revival, playing a much-sought after gig at the O2 London,

“Irish Born American Made” speaks volumes about the devotion and sincerity of the band members towards music as their story telling medium. Thanks to its topicality and catchy lyrics the song truly expresss the essence of migration and of Americans and Irishmen’s rich cultural background. This single is out on all digital streaming platforms. It is a song that will surely soothe the soul with its elegant charm.

Listen below.

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