Discover “Last Dance” By Clara Pople


Clara Pople, a talented singer-songwriter, makes available her gorgeous, ethereal tune, “Last Dance,” via Nutopia Music. The third track from her upcoming debut EP, “Last Dance,” is scheduled for release in October 2023.

Clara continues to use her voice to stunning effect as both an instrument and an accompaniment in “Last Dance.” She used only her voice to produce a full choir, heavy bass lines, syncopated beatboxing rhythms, and 6-part harmonies for this track. To produce darkly poetic, distinctive, and creative sounds, she manipulates gospel, classical technique, and Bristol trip-hop music.

“Last Dance is about that desperate desire to be near your loved ones,” Clara stated. It’s about that split second when there’s a chance that this individual might be about to elude you. the overwhelming sense of needing them to stay coupled with the absolute panic that overtakes you. When she was writing the song,she had in mind a couple dancing to a waltz as the ideal representation of the strength of unity.

Clara Pole is a recent alumna of Manchester’s esteemed British and Irish Modern Music Institute (BIMM). Just two singles, “It’s The Girl” and “I’ll Be The Winter,” have been released, but the artist’s momentum is still growing. Since then, she has been booked for numerous shows, received support from Sofar Sounds, and has been named Kendal Calling’s “Artist Pick of the BBC Introducing stage.

Additionally, the artist won the DHL Fast Track competition, which resulted in a recording session at Abbey Road Studios with pianist and producer Hannah V (Stormzy, JP Cooper, Yola, TOBi), as well as coaching from producer Jax Jones (Duke Dumont, Raye). Additionally, Clara recently finished a 20-night sold-out stint at The Little, an Edinburgh Free Finge venue. a well-known, culturally rich nightclub in Edinburgh that is owned by the spouse of eminent Scottish author Irvine Welsh.

Listen below

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