Tsoobi Releases Mesmerizing Single Called “Scuba Diving”


Tsoobi, the Ghanaian talented musician releases her new song “SCUBA DIVING “ as she elucidate a firm trust in relationships

The phrase “scuba diving in you” is used in The Song (SCUBA DIVING) as a metaphor for discovering someone’s innermost self and for forging a meaningful relationship. Tsoobi emphasizes the value of transparency and honesty, saying that until the other person is honest and discloses their actual intents and wants, nothing else matters. She explains their need for a sincere relationship and their refusal to continue experiencing uncertain or unrequited love. a yearning for clarity.

Tsoobi was up in Ghana’s busy district of Madina and is a colorful and multifaceted artist. She grew up surrounded by the harmonies of her family’s house and the rhythmic rhythms of the streets, where the radio was a frequent companion.The music of Tsoobi is an amazing party, so get ready to move and feel the beat! She produces a sound that is energizing to the ears by fusing dancehall with afrobeat. Tsoobi has created a musical style that is all her own by drawing on her Ghanaian heritage and a wide range of musical inspirations.

Her melodies are contagious, like a tune you can’t stop singing along to. The dancehall elements give a dynamic energy to the mix, while the afrobeat vibes offer that seductive groove that will get you moving your feet. Prepare to sing along to the melodies and hooks that will stick in your head long after the music has stopped.

Stream below

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