Ireland Artist CODYY Release “Time 2 B” A New Mesmerizing Song


Hailing from the charming Midlands town of Mullingar, Ireland, the artist known as CODYY has emerged onto the music scene with a captivating new release titled ‘Time 2 Be’.

This introspective track provides a window into the artist’s journey, both creatively and personally.

After parting ways with a band that concluded its run in 2020, CODYY embarked on a solo endeavor that led him to his bedroom studio, where the magic of ‘Time 2 Be’ was born.

Over three years, CODYY meticulously crafted his sound, taking on the roles of songwriter, producer, and performer as he traversed the country with his music.

With the inception of ‘Time 2 Be’, CODYY experienced a turning point. The song’s creation was an epiphany, a realization that this was the perfect track for his debut as a solo artist.

The song is a reflection of his journey to find meaning, exploring the dichotomy of seeking significance externally versus introspectively.

The chorus of ‘Time 2 Be’ delves into a profound theme—the moment when reality unravels, leaving only raw truth behind. CODYY masterfully translates this sentiment not only through his lyrics but also via the accompanying music video.

The visual representation echoes the concept of time, as the artist ingeniously learned the lyrics in reverse to film scenes that would eventually play out in reverse.

CODYY’s ‘Time 2 Be’ encapsulates his past and present, blending his musical evolution with his personal introspections. The song’s melody, lyrics, and visual elements intertwine to create a cohesive artistic statement.

As CODYY takes his first steps as a solo artist, ‘Time 2 Be’ shows his growth, creativity, and the boundless potential that lies ahead.

Listen on Spotify below.


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