Flavus Nova has released her latest single titled Slumber


Nova openly expresses her emotions through her music, viewing art as a potent reflection of the creator’s mind. According to Nova, music serves as a powerful outlet for her creativity. Her latest single, ‘Slumber,’ captivates listeners with its dynamic chorus, dreamy vocals, and haunting undertones. Combining raw, potent vocals with edgy grunge guitars, the song delivers an immediate adrenaline rush.

Currently residing in Northern Ireland, the 23-year-old singer-songwriter was thrilled to announce the release of ‘Slumber’ on major streaming platforms from November 24, 2023. Collaborating with exceptional producer Tom Davis during the song’s creation, they aimed to craft an alluring pop/rock sound influenced by artists like ‘Paramore,’ ‘The Cardigans,’ ‘Radiohead,’ and ‘Nessa Barrett.’

Nova initiated the process by writing the song and creating the vocal recordings’ instrumentation. Tom Davis then contributed the bass and produced the remaining elements of the song. As a Pop/Rock artist originating from Northern Ireland, Nova draws inspiration from a diverse range of influences such as ‘Radiohead,’ ‘The Cranberries,’ ‘Paramore,’ ‘P!nk,’ ‘Fleetwood Mac,’ ‘Roxette,’ and ‘The Cardigans.’ Her music explores emotive themes, with a focus on addressing mental health topics in her songs.

Reflecting on the track’s writing process, Nova shares, “Slumber was written as I neared the completion of my music degree. The song mirrors my feelings during that time, where I felt stagnant, like I was in a slumber, while others seemed miles ahead in life. I wanted to convey that it’s okay to be in the process of figuring things out and not succumb to the game of comparison. This song articulates those frustrations.”

Listen to “Slumber” on Spotify:

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