The Breakdown releases their latest song titled “All I Know”


The Breakdown are a melodic rock band that burst onto the London music scene with unprecedented vigor. Their sound combines classic British rock with innovative current rock elements. The Breakdown have given a lot of energizing live performances, and now they are releasing their sophomore album, This Rigged Machine.

All I Know , Just Out! OCT. 1, 2023 The Breakdown’s “All I Know” is a devastating and profoundly poignant examination of the emotional upheaval that can result from the breakdown of a once-cherished relationship. The song conveys the trapped, decaying feeling of a love that has run its course, while also diving into the idea of cheating as a possible way out. With the release of their new album, “This Rigged Machine,” this was released.
As of Monday, October 19th, “All I Know” may be found on any decent streaming service. “We feel like we’re growing up as a band with ‘All I Know.'” The song was produced by Andy Strevens, who is taking The Breakdown’s unique sound to new heights and giving it a sound that will appeal to our listeners.

Breakdown has been successful since the publication of their first album, “Open The Barricades” in 2022.
They have now been featured on several prominent music blogs and have become a regular fixture on the London music scene, having recently played at 93 Feet East, The Camden Club, and The Amersham Arms.

The ‘All I Know’ is available for streaming.The Breakdown:Vocals by Mike Connell,Andy Strevens (Guitarists),Richard Gale(Guitarist), Michael McGuiness(bassist) and drummer Toby Young. The Breakdown wrote and recorded this on April 23 at Chez Tobes. Made at a studio by Andy Strevens.

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Listen to “All I Know” on Spotify:

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