Transport yourself to nostalgia with Gianfranco Malorgio’s captivating “Street of Memories”


Gianfranco Malorgio’s latest release, “Street of Memories,” is a captivating piece that embodies the essence of classic compositions while delving into themes of nostalgia and longing for a bygone era. This song is part of his EP titled “Memories Lane,” a collection of five tracks that echo sentiments of past lives and emotions.

With a clear vision of evoking the moods and ambiance reminiscent of old-school melodies, Malorgio crafted “Street of Memories” with the idea of it potentially being adapted for a nostalgic or romantic film. This attests to his ability to not only create music but also to conceptualize how it can seamlessly blend into visual storytelling.

Malorgio’s musical journey is impressive, starting from his childhood fascination with classical guitar and honing his skills under the tutelage of Maestro Giovanni Viola at the Morlacchi conservatory in Perugia. His venture into the world of music continued as he co-founded Hot Club Roma, a band deeply influenced by the legendary Django Reinhardt’s music.

One notable highlight in Malorgio’s career is his collaboration with Dario Pinelli on the soundtrack for “La Casa Sulle Nuvole,” a film directed by Claudio Giovannesi. The film’s music, co-created by Malorgio, earned recognition with an award for the best Italian cinematographic soundtrack in 2009, showcasing his talent for composing emotive and impactful pieces.

Malorgio’s journey also includes remarkable performances at prestigious festivals like the Acri Festival, where he shared the stage with renowned artists like Angelo Debarre and Dorado Schmitt. His musical prowess and dedication to the Manouche genre have led Hot Club Roma to international acclaim, including performances in London’s iconic Django-inspired venue, Le Quecumbar.

“Street of Memories” not only reflects Malorgio’s deep-rooted musical expertise but also serves as a testament to his ability to evoke timeless emotions through his compositions.

Listen below.

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