Jesse Boltz shares the remix of her song “Little Love Things”


The revised version of “Little Love Thing” is a fresh and youthful take on a song filled with energy, joy, and a touch of whimsy. As someone who loves country music, Jesse Boltz pours her heartfelt emotions into her music, infusing each song with sincerity and passion.

This remix breathes new life into the track, adding a dynamic element that enhances its original charm. While these songs haven’t been fully mixed yet, seeking others’ views is a great step toward fine-tuning and perfecting the final versions.

With roots in musical passion dating back to 1965, Jesse Boltz’s artistry serves as a bridge connecting generations. Her compositions emanate a distinctiveness that defies easy definition, attracting recognition from industry insiders like John Workman of M&M Music in Vineland, New Jersey.

Listen below

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